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Moving into an "age of technology", the Photographic industry has changed dramatically over the years. Since the birth and boom of digital cameras it seems that anyone that possess a digital camera can call themselves a professional photographer!. The portfolio of Connor Matheson is some what different. Not only presenting images of great quality, it also presents a story of real success, hard work and years spent studying the complexities of the digital camera.

Dedicated to his trade, Connor studied photography for over 5 years at degree level, he graduated to the highest standard possible, thereafter he went on to successfully achieve National Awards in addition to exhibiting his photography at the National Theatre, South Bank London. Twice!

Therefore, If you're looking to spend your photography budget with a "Real Professional Photographer" you've come to the right place. Sticking to whats simple, we take great care in listening to what you want. We specialise in fantastic contemporary and creative portrait photography for all ages and for all occasions.

Our imagery speaks for itself...Whether you're looking for Wedding, Portrait, quirky contemporary or commercial we can deliver, please enjoy our site and feel free to contact us for more information.


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